Hello everyone and welcome to our blog


I think it is first necessary to know who we are. So let's start with a little introduction first:

We are a group of 4 people: Raphaël 31 years old, Samantha 25 years old, Maria 54 years old and Vanessa 22 years old, all students at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier!

We all come from different places (Brazil, Reunion Island, South of France) and study communication for Raphael and Vanessa and literature for Samantha and Maria.


However, we have many things in common. So we can ask ourselves what brings us together? In fact, despite our ages and our different origins, we are a real team!

Indeed, we are all passionate about art (music, photography, painting etc.) and literature, and we have a particular real interest in photography which is the subject of our blog. It is therefore this common interest that is the foundation of our group.

But other things also bring us together such as travel, sports and cooking: indeed, we are curious humans, who love to discover new things.

We are indeed a group made up of different people who have in common: the desire to learn, curiosity and love of sharing. 

But we are different people too, in this sense, we have a completely different approach to photography, a subjective approach. This discipline is an exciting and very interesting art because it is an art which is mainly subjective. We therefore want to highlight different emotions and stimulate everyone's creativity.

Obviously everyone has their own sensitivity and we wanted to show these different approaches to build a rewarding blog and not necessarily uniform, a blog that ultimately represents us! Each of us contributes on this blog, through our own photos to the identity of our group.

As you browse through it, you will discover a little about each of us, our own personality, our way of approaching photography but also writing and therefore also everything that makes our blog so authentic.


We are all very motivated and hope to be able to sincerely transmit the strength of this great project as well as transmit the emotion and energy that we have.


Wishing you a very good visit to our universe, I hope you will appreciate the heart we have put into this project and that you will enjoy this blog as much as we do.


Maria, Samantha, Vanessa and Raphaël