Each of us has dozens or even hundreds of photographs on our cell phones, as many on our computers, and sometimes ten times more stored in shoeboxes at our parents' or grandparents' homes. Whether we consider photography as an art or as a simple common practice, we are all sensitive to certain photos because they evoke something to us: a memory, an emotion, a place, an atmosphere.


With the emergence of social networks over the last few years, notably Instagram, we see dozens and dozens of photos scrolling before our eyes every day. Many of them are aesthetically very pretty, but how many of them tell us a story?

This is the project that the four of us have. To tell you stories through street photographs that we took ourselves. Street photography is a practice of outdoor photography, where the main subject is a human presence, direct or indirect, in spontaneous situations and public places such as the street, parks, beaches, or demonstrations. We do not pretend to be Robert Capa, Robert Doisneau, or Raymond Depardon, we do not have the ambition to turn your lives upside down through moving stories, we simply wish to share photos and tell you their stories, it is our way to bring back to life a past moment, to make it present. We agree that not all photos can be told, some of them speak for themselves. The photos we have chosen are therefore among those that need an explanation to be understood.

The usefulness of this blog is first of all to have a practical tool to share photos that we like, tell about them, and receive reactions and comments. Each visitor has the possibility to comment on the published photos, tell what the posted photograph tells him or her, tell a different story from the posted photograph and even post a photo in the comments and tell us his or her story.


The blog is not only for seasoned photographers or writers in search of the Pulitzer Prize but for all those who love photos and stories of everyday life and wish to share them with us.


If you don't have successful photos every time, we will try to give them a second chance through their stories!


Maria, Samantha, Vanessa and Raphaël